Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

Celakalah Mahathir...!!!

Celakalah Mahathir!!!. Tua kutuk. Haram jadah besar. Si Najib jadi tonggong ikut arahan Mahathir tua celaka ni. Macamana kes dah jatuh hukum di Mahkamah Tinggi dan si pelaq Tajuddin Ramli buat rayuan di Mahkamah Rayuan, boleh pi selesai luaq mahkamah pulak. Tak guna punya kerajaan BN.

Bangsat. Bedebah. Dalam hal ni wajib dikutuk Mahathir. Wajib disumpah Mahathir. Wajib dimaki dan diseranah Mahathir.

Tajudin settles multimillion dispute with Danaharta ‘out-of-court’

PUTRAJAYA, Feb 14 — Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli finally ended his long drawn out multimillion ringgit legal battle with national asset management firm Pengurusan Danaharta Bhd (Danaharta) today when both parties agreed to an “out-of-court settlement”.

Today’s settlement confirms a report by The Malaysian Insider last August that Putrajaya had directed all government-linked companies, including Malaysia Airlines and the national debt restructuring company Danaharta, to cease all civil suits against Tajuddin Ramli, the former chairman of the national carrier and protégé of Tun Daim Zainuddin.

In his agreement with Danaharta, the terms of which remain confidential between the two parties, all suits pertaining to the RM589.14 million that Tajudin was ordered to pay to the firm in 2009, would be dropped.

In the Court of Appeal here today, Tajudin’s lawyer Lim Kean Leong said the appellant had agreed to withdraw a total of 27 appeals, 11 against Danaharta, “in the spirit of settlement”.

“And he (Tajudin) further prays that in respect of costs, they are to be borne by each parties respectively,” Lim told the court, explaining later that both Tajudin (picture) and Danaharta had agreed to bear their respective costs for each of the 11 appeals.

“I’ve made the same request for costs to be borne by each of the remaining parties, but I think my learned friends each have their own responses.

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