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Cerita Raja

Artikel di bawah aku salin dari Malaysia Today:-

Yes, respect the Role of the Rulers, only if they do the right thing

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Thursday, 09 July 2009 15:50

My late father too went into conflict with the late Sultan. Because of that he was dropped from the protocol list and practically ‘banned’ from the palace. When he died the late Sultan as well as the present Sultan (who was then the Raja Muda) did not come to his funeral although they could not deny him permission to be buried in the Royal Mausoleum in Kelang. And my father is abang to the late Sultan mind you.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Respect role of Malay Rulers
The Star, 9 July 2009

SHAH ALAM: The notion by certain quarters that the Malay Rulers are just ceremonial emblems for official functions with no vested power needs to be set right immediately.

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah of Selangor said the royal institution, which protected the sovereignty of the Royalty, Malay people, Islam, Malay language, other races, administration and the governing of the nation, should not be questioned.

“Agreement to accord the Malay Rulers with specific powers was reached between the three main races – the Malays, Chinese and Indians – with the acknowledgement of the Malay Rulers and the accord of the then-British government,” he added.

Sultan Sharafuddin said those who questioned the Malay Rulers not only violated the fundamental provisions in the Federal and state constitutions but also questioned the sovereignty of the Rulers.

He was speaking at the royal banquet here in conjunction with 50th anniversary celebrations of the state assembly yesterday.

“We must understand that the Malay Rulers represent an important institution in the country. Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy.

“I remind all parties to exercise respect and agree with the practice that has become sacred and followed since the Royal institution was formed, as a safeguard to all levels of society,” said the Sultan.

He also reminded assemblymen to be of good behaviour at all times and set an example for the community.

“Of late, there have been a few Yang Berhormats who have shown bad behaviour to the Royal institution and the state assembly. They were voted into office with much trust placed in them, and must exercise a high level of credibility and good manners in dealing with the people,” said Sultan Sharafuddin.

The Sultan added that his late father Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah had, during his reign, ordered that the state assembly be held in the Balairung Seri Istana Alam Shah in Klang until the construction of Selangor’s state assembly building was completed.

“Based on this, we must understand the sacred component that intertwines the dignified element of the state assembly and those who represent it,” said Sultan Sharafuddin.

When Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad annexed Putrajaya, which used to be called Perang Besar, and turned it into Federal Territory, there were many amongst the Selangor royal circle, the present Sultan of Selangor included, who were very upset.

The agreement was that Kuala Lumpur would be handed to the federal government and turned into the nation’s capital. In the interest of the nation, Selangor could not possibly refuse. The late Sultan cried as he signed Kuala Lumpur over to the federal government.

Then they decided to also take Putrajaya. According to what was agreed, Kuala Lumpur would be the nation’s federal capital and if they take Putrajaya to replace Kuala Lumpur as the new federal capital then they would have to return Kuala Lumpur to Selangor.

But the federal government did not return Kuala Lumpur to Selangor. Instead, it named Putrajaya the administrative capital so that Kuala Lumpur could remain as the federal capital and need not be returned to Selangor. In short, Malaysia would have two federal capitals, one named the administrative capital or administrative centre.

The Sultan was told there would be no discussion or negotiation on the matter. The federal government is going to take Putrajaya and pay Selangor a certain amount. But even then the payment would not be in cash. It would be by way of contra against the cost to develop Selangor.

In short, the federal government would develop Selangor at an inflated cost, sometimes two or three times the real cost, and this amount would be deducted from the money Selangor is supposed to receive. The payment is therefore not in cash but in kind. And the ‘in kind’ would be many times over what it should be.

So it would work this way:

The federal government will take Putrajaya ‘by force’. Selangor cannot object. The federal government then decides what it will pay Selangor as the ‘purchase price’. Selangor cannot disagree or demand what it would like to sell Putrajaya for. But the federal government will not pay Selangor cash. The amount would be deducted against the cost to develop Selangor at two or three times what it should actually have cost.

This reminds me of how the whites took land from the American Indians more than 200 years ago by paying the natives mere beads and whisky as the purchase price.

And that was when I went into attack mode. I wrote an article in asking the Sultan and the entire royal council to resign. They are traitors to Selangor, I said, and they should be ousted. If this was 1901 instead of 2001, I wrote, I would lead an army to depose the Sultan and I would place someone else on the throne.

When they detained me under the Internal Security Act in April 2001, the Special Branch officers interrogated me about this article. I asked the Special Branch officers which royal family they come from. They replied they are not from any royal family. Then butt out, I told them. They have no business getting involved in matters concerning the royal family.

They cautioned me and told me that what I wrote was seditious. I responded by saying that unfortunately, since Merdeka, we now have such things called laws. If not I would lead an army to remove the Sultan and grab the Selangor throne.

“You are really pushing your luck,” they replied. “Do you know that such a statement can land you in Kamunting?”

My response to that threat was: “This is a family matter. I don’t interfere in your family and you don’t interfere in mine. You are not a member of the Selangor Royal Family so stay out of our business. Just be grateful that Selangor does not, again, become embroiled in a war like in the time of Sultan Abdul Samad.”

No, I don’t question the institution of the monarchy. I will in fact defend it. But I will oppose any monarch who does not defend our territory. The Selangor palace has treacherously allowed Selangor territory to be annexed by the federal government by force. In my book the Selangor palace has let the people down. The present ruling family should be deposed and replaced with another.

The Sultan told Rosmah Mansor that I am a lunatic. Otak dia tak berapa betul, tiga suku sikit -- according to what one Umno Blogger wrote in his Blog quoting the Sultan. When the Sultan was about to leave for the US to undergo heart surgery, he told the assembly of people sending him off at the airport that he is very upset with me for opposing the Sultan of Perak. In that assembly of people was the IGP, my sworn enemy, who was smiling with delight to see the Sultan whack me in public in front of so many people.

My late father too went into conflict with the late Sultan. Because of that he was dropped from the protocol list and practically ‘banned’ from the palace. When he died the late Sultan as well as the present Sultan (who was then the Raja Muda) did not come to his funeral although they could not deny him permission to be buried in the Royal Mausoleum in Kelang. And my father is abang to the late Sultan mind you.

I have never forgiven the Selangor palace for that and have always carried that in my heart although I have never, thus far, raised that matter. Now I am raising the matter to remind the palace what they did to my father. Tengku Sulaiman, however, came to the funeral and when my mother asked him why the Sultan and Raja Muda were not present he was embarrassed and replied that Tuanku is tied up with a crow-shooting contest.

Yes, my father died and both the late Sultan and present Sultan were too busy shooting crows and could not attend my father’s funeral. Do I need to continue showing loyalty to the Palace?

I was told I would not be given permission to be buried in the Royal Mausoleum. I will therefore have to make sure I do not die in Selangor. Then the question of where I should be buried will not arise. I am sure that would make the IGP very happy knowing that the man who is bent on bringing him down is an outcast. And the IGP personally heard this from the Sultan together with scores of other people the day the Sultan left for the US to undergo heart surgery.



Untuk artikel di atas tak dak komen. 

Cuma kat Ipoh ni.... setiap masa (24jam setiap hari) ada sebuah atau dua buah kereta peronda polis di tepi jalan berhampiran simpang masuk ke Istana Kinta. Anggota dok nganga dlm kereta atau dok perasap rokok kat luaq kereta.

Akupun heran. Pasai apa? Dulu sebelum rampasan kuasa di Perak, tak dak pun kereta peronda polis tang tu. Polis tak dak kerja lain ka? Kawaq banyak,  depa tak pi ronda dlm taman perumahan ka..... dlm pekan ka....!!!!


Sekarang ni pemimpin Umno yang popular adalah Khir Toyo. Cerita banglo mewah RM24 juta yang dibinanya diperkatakan oleh orang ramai. Beberapa bulan dulu semasa SELCAT adakan pendengaran awam timbul cerita makan angin satu famili termasuk pegawai-pegawai, menggunakan duit kerajaan dan anak syarikatnya. Merata tempat dia pergi terutamanya Disneyland.

Mengapa jadi begitu? Bagaimana Khir Toyo begitu banyak wang. Asalnya dia seorang doktor gigi produk DEB (jika tidak sekarang dia mungkin operator mesin potong padi kat Sabak Bernam). Berapa sen saja pendapatannya sebulan sebagai doktor gigi. Nak beli plier untuk cabut gigipun kena fikir banyak kali. Alih-alih selepas dilantik jadi MB Selangor, dia mulai jadi kaya dan mewah dalam kehidupan. Tak berpadan dengan pendapatan dan kemudahan yang dia terima sebagai MB. Selepas BN tumbang, sebagai ADUN biasapun di boleh maintain hidupnya macam biasa. Baaaaanyaaaaknya dia simpan duit.....

Apa yang aku tahu asalnya dia dari keluarga miskin dan semasa jadi student pun miskin paria terpaksa mengutip besi buruk di Jalan Chan Sow Lin. Lihat sini. Dah jadi doktor gigi bolehlah tahan sikit hidupnya. Tapi setelah jadi MB, hidupnya telah 'fully transformed'. Hebat... hebat... anak Jawa ini.

Bagi aku, ini adalah salah satu kesilapan besar DEB dalam mengangkat ekonomi orang Melayu. Hanya bagi pelajaran dan keutamaan dalam peluang ekonomi tetapi tidak pernah menanam iman dalam diri dan jiwa orang Melayu yang kononnya berugama Islam. Hanya orang yang tidak beriman saja jadi macam Khir Toyo. Khir Toyo seorang yang asalnya hidup kelas paria, apabila telah nampak peluang dia langsung merebutnya untuk diri sendiri. Tanggung jawabnya telah menjadi haknya. Ini bukan ciri orang Islam. Ini tidak beriman. Mungkin sifat orang Melayu tapi bukan orang Islam. Bukan Khir Toyo seorang saja begitu. Ramai lagi.

Bagi aku Khir Toyo adalah contoh terbaik Melayu Paria yang telah berjaya menjadi kaya raya dengan jalan yang haram. Iaitu jalan yang dilarang Islam.

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Sheikh Nasrudin Tantawi Penakut!!!

Aku mengikuti blog Sheikh Nasrudin Hasan At-Tantawi (Ketua Pemuda PAS) iaitu Episode Sebuah Perjuangan. Biasanya komen dilepas tanpa perlu tapisan oleh pemilik blog. Tapi sehari dua ni dah tak boleh komen langsung. Komen dikhaskan untuk "team member saja". Kalau tak percaya lihat bawah (tak nampak enlarge).

Apahal ni? Sheikh Tantawi takutkah? Adakah KP PAS Pusat penakut! Takkan takut nak baca dan siarkan komen orang. Apa tujuan team member saja boleh komen? Sepatutnya Sheikh Tantawi kena terima kenyataan......... kalau kena kutuk ke apa ke.... itu asam garam berblog lebih-lebih lagi orang politik ternama macam Sheikh ni.

Bolehkah jadi ketua tapi ada sifat takut? Bolehkah diharap Syeikh Tantawi berwacana dengan Pemuda UMNO. Dengan pembaca blog pun dia takut........

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Hartal Satu Perak....

Aku baca  dalam The Malaysian Insider yang beritanya lebih kurang seperti berikut:-

Group threatens statewide hartal if Perak assembly is not dissolved

IPOH, July 8 — As Pakatan Rakyat gears up for its final battle for Perak in court tomorrow, calls from the public for the dissolution of the state assembly have resurfaced once again.

The Perak People's Action Committee, a non-governmental organisation, today handed over a memorandum to the Perak Barisan Nasional government urging it to return democracy to the people through state elections or face negative repercussions.

The committee is giving BN until Aug 8 to seek dissolution of the assembly or a statewide hartal would be held.

"During this day, the people of Perak will not engage in any outside activity. We will not go to work, our children would not go to school and we will show BN that the majority of Perak folk want justice returned to them," said committee coordinator R. Mohanarani.

She said the committee was confident it would get the support of the majority of Perak folk. "We will get the help of a number of non-governmental organisations and the PR component parties to mobilise this one-day strike," she said.

Mohanarani said the committee had already embarked on a month-long campaign to call for the dissolution of the state assembly.

"We have been going around to public places like markets to distribute leaflets in order to gain the people's support for the cause.

"So far, the response from the people has been very positive. The rakyat is still unhappy with the power grab done by the BN and want state elections to be called," she said.

Parti Sosialis Malaysia deputy chairperson M. Sarasvathy, who was also present during the handing over of the memorandum, said that although PR had exhausted all avenues to win the state back from BN, it did not mean that the battle was lost.

"Why should we give this up when the people's wishes have not yet been answered? Why should we wait for the next general election?" she asked.

Meanwhile, rumours of possible crossovers are once again rife and this time, talk is that the two defectors from PKR who had caused the Perak crisis may just leapfrog back into the party.

According to a highly-placed party source, the two, Behrang assemblyman Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Changkat Jering assemblyman Kapt (rtd) Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu, were unhappy that BN had failed to fulfil its promises to them.

The source said that the duo were supposed to have been restored as members of the state executive council as they were before when PR was in government.

"They were promised positions in the council on July 1 but nothing materialised.

"What's worse, their corruption cases have not yet been thrown out of court as they had expected — instead, the cases are still ongoing," said the source.

The source added that this had caused both Jamaluddin and Mohd Osman to consider returning to PKR.

However, whether or not the party would re-accept the two is a different story altogether.

For although the Perak PR may desperately need the numbers to form the government, accepting the return of the two assemblymen, whose integrity and loyalty are still questionable, may well work against them.

Ha.... inilah yang aku tunggu selama ini. Satu kaedah yang terbaik. Tak payah keluar tunjuk perasaan, cuma rehat kat rumah tanpa aktiviti luar. Aku setuju sangat-sangat. Bukan kata sehari.... seminggu pun tak apa. Biar semua bandar dan pekan kat Perak jadi pekan hantu. Biar Melayu UMNO yang loyar buruk nak beli ikan kering pun kena pergi KL atau Penang. Kah...kah...kah.

Takkan FRU nak mai ketuk rumah suruh penghuni keluar kerja atau terajang towkeh kedai suruh buka kedai kot.... Atau paksa orang penuhkan jalan-jalan dalam bandar.

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Aku tengok di sini dan di sini. Jadi aku ucapkan:-

A Samad Said....... Tahniah!

Hassan Ibrahim...... Tahniah!

Peserta-peserta Tunjuk Perasaan...... Tahniah!

Pemimpin parti politik yang terang-terang menentang...... Tahniah!

Pengundi-pengundi PRU12 yang pangkah PR..... Tahniah!

Penentang-penentang PPSMI...... Tahniah! Tahniah! Tahniah!

Anda semua berjaya.

Bagi tau Mamak Mahathir..... untuk terer English...... learn English in English lah......!!! 

Surat Untuk Sheikh Besar PAS


Yang Termulia,

Syeikh Besar Hj Hadi Awang,

Presiden PAS,

Ibu Pejabat PAS Pusat,

Jalan Raja Laut,

Kuala Lumpur.

Assalamualaikum Tuan Sheikh Besar,

Semalam bila ana tengok kat Malaysiakini, salah satu beritanya adalah seperti berikut:-

Hadi: PAS masih sedia temui Umno

Jul 7, 09 2:24pm

PAS masih bersedia berbincang dengan Umno dalam hal politik dan ekonomi demi kebaikan negara, tetapi ia mahu berhati-hati sebelum berbuat demikian, lapor Bernama.

Presiden PAS Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang berkata PAS akan menimbang terlebih dahulu perkara yang akan dibincang bagi mengelak pertemuan itu memberi kesan negatif kepada parti berkenaan dan sekutunya dalam Pakatan Rakyat.

Abdul Hadi mengulas pelawaan Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, yang juga ketua Wanita Umno, untuk berbincang dengan Muslimat PAS.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika ditemui pemberita selepas berceramah pada pilihanraya kecil DUN Manek Urai di Kampung Sungai Sok malam

Abdul Hadi sebelum ini menimbulkan polemik dalam PAS apabila menyuarakan hasrat membentuk kerajaan perpaduan dengan Umno tetapi cadangan itu dibantah Mursyidul Amnya Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat sebelum ditolak oleh Pakatan Rakyat.

Walaupun ada cadangan untuk berdebat oleh Nik Abdul Aziz dan wacana ilmiah oleh Dewan Pemuda PAS, sehingga hari ini belum ada pertemuan antara pemimpin Umno dan PAS diadakan ke arah itu.

Lepas baca, ana dah tangkap; Tuan Sheikh Besar masih  lagi ingin pertahankan pendirian berkaitan Kerajaan Perpaduan (UG). Tuan Sheikh Besar masih lagi sayang kat seteru politik PAS iaitu UMNO. Nampak sangat Tuan Sheikh Besar ini telah termakan hasutan pemimpin UMNO dan boneka-boneka UMNO dalam PAS yang mengatakan "UMNO yang lemah akan menyebabkan kuasa politik orang Melayu juga lemah dan terhakis".

Apa ni Tuan Syeikh Besar...... pada masa ini Sheikh sepatutnya mengambil satu tindakan yang boleh menguatkan lagi PAS, menarik lebih ramai penyokong, meyakinkan pengundi bahawa PAS memang berupaya menggantikan UMNO, malah lebih baik lagi daripada UMNO apabila berkuasa kelak. Yakinkan orang Melayu bahawa kepentingan Melayu terbela (tapi bukan meniru kaedah UMNO dalam menjaga kepentingan Melayu). Itu semua yang Sheikh wajib fikirkan. Lupakan UMNO. Biar UMNO mampus. Ajak semua orang untuk kebumikan UMNO dan Syeikh boleh mengetuai upacara mentalkin UMNO. Masa dah hampir tiba. Jangan buang masa yang berharga ini, Tuan Syeikh Besar.

Tuan Syeikh Besar....... tak payahlah melayan lagi isu ini samada perbincangan terbuka/tertutup, debat ataupun yang Sheikh Muda Tantawi nak buat iaitu Wacana Ilmu ka apa ka... Tutup cerita. Kalau Syeikh rasa lidah Syeikh tak boleh dikawal, kerat saja lidah tu.

Syeikh Besar....... lihatlah  Penasihat DAP Lim Kit Siang, dia tidak pernah menyentuh untuk ber'apa-apa'pun dengan MCA dan Gerakan. Dia yakin dia boleh mengalahkan MCA dan Gerakan. Kalau orang keturunan Cina nak bersatu, bersatu dalam DAP lah. Dia istiqomah. Tapi Tuan Syeikh Besar ana lihat tak begitu dalam hal ini. Ana malu, Syeikh Besar parti yang ana sertai pulak yang tidak istiqomah. Adakah Tuan Syeikh Besar khilaf dalam mentafsir kitab-kitab yang Tuan Sheikh Besar rujuk.

Akhir sekali, ana rasa ana tak perlu memohon maaf pada Tuan Sheikh, walaupun surat ana ini menyakitkan hati Tuan Syeikh Besar. Bagi ana Tuan Syeikh Besar TIDAK MENJALANKAN TUGAS Tuan Syeikh sebagai Syeikh Besar Parti PAS yang sepatutnya. Kalau di zaman Khalifah Ar-Rasyidin ana dah tunjuk pedang yang ana asah sampai meghelit kat hidung Tuan Syeikh Besar.

Sekian. Wassalam.

Yang benar,

Lee Copper

Ahli PAS No 367xxx

Member Since April 1994

Isnin, 6 Julai 2009

Lagi 1-Sheikh......

Petang tadi lepas keluar pejabat aku ke pasar malam kat Taman Ipoh Jaya. Aku ronda pasar malam cari makanan. Lepas beli laksa, bihun dan air tebu, aku singgah di gerai jual daging cucuk. Sambil menunggu penjual membungkus makanan, aku perhati pengunjung-pengunjung pasar malam. Macam-macam kaum dan rupa ada. Yang aku paling menarik perhatian aku tentulah amoi-amoi pakai t-shirt dan seluar pendek. He..he..he.. biasalah mata jantan. Sheikh Nasa Tantawipun kalau terpandangpun akan kata Alhamdulillah...... Tapi dia tak renunglah.... haram.

Tiba-tiba aku terpandang seorang tua yang mukanya aku memang kenal sungguh. Berseluar panjang, baju cutting ustaz dan ketayap putih. Mukanya berjanggut sejemput, yang canteeekknya dahi ada tanda masa sujud suka tonyoh kat sejadah, konon orang alim dan kuat sembahyanglah. Oh.. pakai kacamata rabun jauh dan dekat. Dia ditemani sorang perempuan tua mungkin bininya. Ha... ada lagi sorang...... perempuan muda...... bukan bini mudanya atau anaknya....... Indon pembantu rumah dialah..... sebab perempuan Indon tu bawa troli pasar.

Huh..... aku dapat rasa tekanan darah aku naik mendadak mencapai bacaan 200. Orang tua ni memang yang paling aku benci dan meluat dalam Perak ini. Rasanya mau aku pergi maki-maki dan mencarut kat dia. Lebih-lebih lagi masa orang tua ni tersengih-tersengih dengan penjual ayam. Tapi apa gunanya, orang tua ni dah nyanyuk. Dah umur 70 tahun, tak percaya tengok di sini. Aku yang berpakaian kemas tanpa necktie dan kot macam Sheikh Nasa Tantawi tentu dicop gila oleh orang ramai pulak.

Akupun dah lupa kat amoi. Orang tua ni lebih menarik perhatian aku. Aku tengok gaya dan lagak orang tua bangsat ni. Dia menunjuk barang yang nak dibeli, hulur duit dan Indonnya ambil barang masuk troli. Wah hebat....... memang lagak pembesar yang sombong dan bongkak. Aku tengok bini nya berbaju kurung dengan tudung tiga segi yang tak tutup dada..... tapi dah tua lantaklah. Indonnya tudung  mini dan t-shirt lengan pendek dengan buah dada terbonjol di sebalik t-shirt cerah lagi nipis di sebelah orang tua.   Takkan orang tua ni tak boleh suruh bini dan indonnya berpakaian muslimah tulen. 

Ciss.... Tuih.....!!! Ini lagi 1-Syeikh yang karut. Dia tak boleh ajar orang yang bersama dia. Bini dan indonnya tidak menunjukkan orang tua ni 1-Syeikh terhebat di Perak yang mukmin lagi soleh. Ustaz KAFA yang gaji RM500/- pun terlalulah lebih baik. Patutlah bini dan anak menantu raja kepala terbogel dan hidup macam mat salih. Syeikh ni makan gaji buta tak buat kerja - makan duit haram!!! Ikan, ayam dan sayur dibeli petang tu dari duit haram. Duit haram hasil dari tutup mata sebelah pada kezaliman, rasuah dan tipu muslihat perampas kuasa.  Duit haram kerana tidak menasihat raja kepada Islam yang sebenar. Patutlah dia boleh berdakap berpeluk dengan MB gelap haram. Patutlah tingkah lakunya lebih melayu dari Islam...... Dia nilah punca negeri Perak aku ni haru biru. Ini betullah 1-Syeikh yang jual agama. Syeikh dajal. Confirmed Mufti Melayu. Setaraf Ayah Pin.

"Dua belas inggit pakcik" kata penjual sate sambil hulurkan bungkusan pada aku. Terkejut aku. Ini lagi satu, dipanggilnya aku pakcik. Panggilah abang ke. Aku hulur duit ambil bungkusan dan belah......